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Thanks for the update.

My left tricep is twitching for some reason. I’m pretty sore from that Fun Friday chipper, so I’m thinking all those push-ups may be the cause. It’s really annoying, in case you were wondering.

Just spent a quality evening with the mister watching a half dozen episodes of Bully Beatdown. Seriously, Jason Miller is my favorite reality host. As I tweeted awhile ago, Cade Courtley who? It’s all about Mayhem.

It’s not unusual. . .

Tom Jones! How could I forget Tom Jones when I was forgetting the Welsh the other day? I own the freakin’ book that this essay appeared in. I’ve even read the damn book a couple of times because I love the versatile and agile mind of Steyn. And yet I forgot to forget Tom Jones by name. How lame of me.

I love this essay, by the way. One of the best.

Whole other level.

I have no idea why I have a reputation for being someone who’ll say exactly what’s on her mind. I think I’m a rather reserved, private, demure person. Not at all the kind of person who’d write a profanity-laced blog post just for fun.

Besides, that post was mild. I think that Cooper from Eurotrip put it best when he looked in awe at the drunken soccer hooligan and said with reverence, “You guys are on a whole other level of swearing over here, aren’t you?” It’s true. You want to hear profanity as an art form, looked to the Brits. And the Irish. And the Scots. And I don’t mean to exclude the Welsh, but I don’t really know that many Welshmen, other than Dylan Thomas, and he’s, you know, a dead poet.

Any way, on to other subjects.

Honestly, I’d love to party with these Canadian ladies. They sound like my kind of girls, though they have officially offended the delicate sensibilities of the IOC. Who would have thought that the Canadians could be too rough around the edges for the international community? It’s good to see it. Keep it up, kids.


What the f**k? I’ll say whatever f**king thing I like, dammit. You m*****f***ers can go f**k yourselves if you think I’m gonna watch my mouth. I know that it’s all symbolic, but you meddlesome c***s need to mind your own f**king business.

It’s easy to salt up the language with Ian McShane’s liquid profanity ringing in my ears. Honestly, I don’t swear nearly as much as I did before I had kids. As a wordsmith, I do so enjoy the baser elements of this incredibly versatile language. Makes me feel naughty.

More proof of McCain’s conservative credentials.

Because nothing says “small government” like federal regulations on vitamins. Just remember that this is the real McCain, the meddling, cranky old fart who’ll jettison his conservative principles for a pat on the back from the Dems. If you’re living in Arizona, remember that come election time.


This is so sad. I watched Growing Pains as a youngster, and I remember Boner. So sad, so sad. The pictures of his father just tear my heart out. My prayers are with his family.

It is so easy to get lost in depression, to get so far down that you forget that there are people who truly love you. I’ve been there; I know. If you’re drowning in despair, or if you just can’t find a reason to get up in the morning, do not be afraid to reach out. There is no shame in needing others; God created in us an absolute dependency on community. Ask someone for help. There are people that love you.

The one in the purple.

Few of these ladies in this article aren’t even close to being overweight. There’s one girl who is a little on the softer side, but I can’t imagine why the rest of the girls are considered “plus-size,” especially since they are “normal” people. These are strange times we live in.

Distracted from distraction by distraction.

FX is showing The Missing, one of the few Cate Blanchett movies I haven’t seen. Ray McKinnon, who played the Reverend in Deadwood. FX is also blitzing the upcoming Timothy Olyphant show, Justified, (which you know I’ll be recording). And finally, I keep seeing Ian McShane popping up in UK entertainment news. I’ve got a serious hankering for some profanity-ridden, whore-addled, straight-up western entertainment. I’m gonna dig out my Deadwood dvds.

And then I’m gonna watch some Firefly.

This just in: Majority of Americans think that the government is a threat to their rights.

Uh, because it is. Look, I love my parents, but I didn’t leave their house only to come under the auspices of another, less caring, more controlling parental unit. I’m an adult, and I can take care of myself. Big government seems to exist only to take my money and tell me what I cannot do in my own home.

The more rights we cede to the meddling nanny state, the more atrophied a citizenry we become. We lose the ability to take care of ourselves and our children. We lose the ability to think for ourselves and use our innate common sense. And then, when the state falls short–as it always does–people start falling through the cracks because we can’t take care of ourselves anymore.

More government is not the answer. I hope Obama’s listening, though I’m pretty sure he’ll conclude that all we need is a little more Obama.


I love it! I wish this happened more often. How great would it be if these a-holes all blew themselves up?

I need this explained to me.

I don’t get it either. The first thing I thought when I saw it was, “It’s so tiny!”

Oh, please.

There is no way in hell that I’m watching this healthcare summit farce. Nothing will be accomplished. It’s a 6 hour photo op.

I hate to see you leave, but I love to watch you go, baby.

I just finished watching A Perfect Getaway with Milla Jovovich on the advice of a friend who usually only recommends romcoms. I love Milla, but she’s been in some clunkers–UltraViolet, anyone?–but I really liked this movie. And–quelle surprise–Timothy Olyphant was in it. Seriously, that guy is in everything. Who’s complaining? Not I. No, not I.

It was unexpectedly complex, at least within the framework of big budget suspense movies, and Steve Zahn, (the fantastic, hard-working, ever-interesting and altogether wonderful Steve Zahn) was, as expected, wonderful. Arguably, he does not look as good walking away naked as Olyphant does, but that’s how the genetic lottery played out. Zahn’s still amazing, only shorter and blonder, which ain’t no sin. I just can’t do blonde. I’ve got some sort of block when it comes to blonde guys.

Anyway, it was good and I don’t feel at all cheated out of my $6. On Demand is magical.

It’s been right in front of me all along.

You know, come to think of it, Land of the Dead was about comprehensive immigration reform. Maybe I’m all wrong about this zombie movie subtext thing. Maybe I’ve been indoctrinated along with all the rest of the mindless drones. Resident Evil was about the evils of Big Pharma–and much more persuasive than The Constant Gardener, if you ask me. And I’ll bet more people saw it.

I’m going to see The Crazies anyway, because the name is awesome.

(I wish I could title every post “How about you shut up?” I really do.)