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Just curious.

Did someone activate the Wayback Machine while my attention was elsewhere? I didn’t realize we were still involved in a cold war with Russia.

Peace on earth…

The situation south of the border is frightening. A woman whose daughter was murdered was shot in the head for daring to publicly call for an end to the horrific violence. The execution was caught on video and took place on the steps of the governor’s office — a brazen crime committed in a country that is being held hostage by unimaginable violence. There is so much fear and heartbreak in Mexico right now, and there seems to be no end in sight.

Mexico is such a beautiful country, full of warm, wonderful people and the violence must be stopped. Marisela Escobedo was trying to make a difference, trying to make sense of the brutal slaying of her daughter. She must have been doing something right, because someone was afraid of her, afraid enough to kill her in broad daylight. I hope Ms. Escobedo has found rest, and I pray for peace in Mexico.

Wish you were here.

So excited. I’m getting George W. Bush’s Decision Points for Christmas. It seemed like a Christmas present of a book, and I heard GWB on Hewitt this afternoon, which renewed my desire for a copy. I love that man, for all his flaws, and I think he’s a badass. Hugh asked him about responsibility regarding the decisions made during the Iraq war, and W said basically that the buck stopped at him. He explained that he was responsible for the decisions made, because he was the CIC. Hugh gave him a chance to deflect a bit of the blame for the mess that Iraq was descending into before Petraeus came onto the scene, but the president didn’t waver.

“This,” I said to Mr. HG, who was along for the ride, “is the difference between what men used to be and what men have become. Witness the whining mess that is our current president.”

The contrast can not be more apparent. W is a man, in the best sense of the word. He knows how to man up, unlike our manchild in chief, who never misses a chance to let us know that he inherited the worst fill-in-the-blank in recorded history.

I feel a pang when I hear W speak, and not just because he has his own special relationship with the English language. He was everything that the current president is not–real, adult, and deep. Miss him.

There’s only so much time in the day.

So I’ve not made good on my promise to write more frequently. I’m sorry. There are so many, many things to write about, and yet I just don’t have any time. I’ll try for something substantive tomorrow, but at this time I’m going to stare blankly at the tv, regardless of what is playing.

Good night.


One of the saddest stories in the last decade is the story of John and Elizabeth Edwards. It’s a sordid tale of a lust for power, unchecked appetites, betrayal and tragedy, the kind of story tailor-made for the tabloids. Unfortunately for Elizabeth Edwards and her kids, it was also the life they had to live. One of the only things I found tolerable about John Edwards was his apparent love for his wife, and we all know how that turned out. Elizabeth Edwards did not have an easy life, losing a son to an accident and a husband to his own narcissism, but she fought her cancer with dignity and grace. I don’t know what kind of person she was, but she deserved an easier life — I mean, don’t we all? My prayers are with her children, whose lives have been buffeted by storm and sorrow; I wish them peace and some small measure of comfort.

Her fight is over. Rest, Elizabeth. Rest.

Things I ponder.

I’ve often spent days contemplating the meaning of life, and today is no exception. I’m attracted to the really heavy themes, the metaphysical stuff, the underpinnings of our very existence. For instance: Why is it that black eyeliner always looks better after you sleep in it? Why is second-day hair always so much shinier and artfully tousled? Why would anyone ever voluntarily have sex with Julian Assange if large amounts of alcohol and/or drugs were not present in the system? And do I have to hear about his condom usage? Honestly, that is one mental picture I do not want to carry around with me.

I’m not sure why an interpol warrant must be issued for refusing to use a condom–why not just refuse to have sex with him and avoid the whole mess? Seems like the most logical course of action. If this is the Obama Administration’s attempt at Ludlum-esque espionage, I am officially mortified. If not, the Swedes need some new hobbies besides chasing invisible Nazis, arresting homeschoolers and calling consensual bareback sex a “sex crime.”

I’ll be honest with you, I really wanted this douche to be a creepy predator, but I can’t say that what he’s been arrested for amounts to that. A smarmy narcissist, yes. Rapist? I remain dubious. Pasty, wispy, hipster doofus with a website? Absolutely.

Back in the days when I frequented the circles and conventions of the “computer savvy”, we called girls like “Jessica” and “Sarah” “Hacker Whores” and I’m pretty sure that’s what they should be called today.

As far as Assange himself, I actually agree with something he said in the Australian: Don’t shoot the messenger. He shouldn’t be hunted down like OBL, and his son should not be harmed “to get at him”–especially not for revealing what it is that we all know Hillary Clinton has always done. He’s a douche for releasing classified military information, putting sources and informants–and their families–in jeopardy, but we have to remember that he did not come by this information himself. He was given this information by an American soldier, and that cocksucker is the real traitor. Assange, who I admit has been the focus of my anger and intense dislike, is not the one who has blood on his hands. It’s Bradley Manning who is covered in it.

Assange didn’t have to release this info, he could have redacted the names of Afghani informants, but he’s a self-important “hacker”. Manning knew full well the consequences of his actions, and I hope he suffers for them.

The diplomatic cables, all that stuff–I honestly don’t care that much about it. It’s the damage Manning was attempting to do to the US military that pisses me off. And he found someone who was more than willing to help him out. I guess maybe you can shoot the messenger a little bit, but let’s not lose focus.

Nothing better to do.

Hi. I’m still here, but I wouldn’t blame you if you weren’t. Vacay was fun and busy, but now I must buckle down and get back to work, right? Well, after I get my Christmas shopping done, of course. I’m about a quarter of the way through it. I know the whats, I just have to get the whens sorted. I hate shopping this time of year, so I’ll be spending a lot of time online, thank you very much.

I’ve also been busy playing with online makeover programs that give me the long hair I am too impatient to grow myself. I hate waiting, though I only got my hair trimmed and shaped, not whacked this past weekend.

Someday. . .

This is what I do with my vacation. It’s not like there’s anything else going on in the world, like a bomb factory in Escondido that is so unsafe that the building that housed it must be burned to the ground. The materials found inside the residence are so unstable that most of the evidence could not be moved, and yet the man living there never blew himself up. Because he was very, very good. And that is very, very scary.

Be aware of your surroundings at the mall this Christmas.