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Just watching.

As I’m reading the coverage of the violence in Egypt, (the Corner has excellent insight from the likes of Stanley Kurtz and Andrew McCarthy, who are always worth reading), I’m growing increasingly uneasy. Though initially sparked by Egypt’s economic woes, it seems that the situation has devolved into a free-for-all in which anything could happen.

God help us if the Muslim Brotherhood rises to the top of this chaos. There are unquestionably Egyptians who believe that this is the time to throw off the shackles of tyranny and move the country forward toward freedom, but there are many others who would love nothing more than to see a shiny new caliphate.

Bits of stored information from the wonderful and frightening The Looming Tower are surfacing unbidden as I catch up on world events.

God help us.


I have become increasingly convinced that Biden is drunk every time he appears in public. Or he could be high. I wonder if he asks for the green room to be well-stocked with Cheetos.

What an embarrassment. Mark Steyn was right when he said that Obama surrounds himself with people he’s sure will not outshine him. Like the anorexic who’s got a lot of fat friends.

This story would be funny if people weren’t dying right now. As Biden yammers on, making insulting statements with no basis in reality, people are dying because they want a taste of the freedoms we take for granted.


Good Lord…

It is so good to hear Mark Steyn’s voice today, isn’t it? His point on the high speed rail portion of the SOTU was absolutely perfect.

What a great Friday.


So the kid wants to know about George Washington. I’m super excited about that, so I look up everything I can about the great man, and download as many books from Project Gutenberg that my puny HD will allow. Of course I became distracted in my research and ended up reading the entire text of Patrick Henry’s “Give me liberty” speech, as well as the great quote from his Stamp Act speech, “If this be treason, make the most of it.” What a badass!

The Founders and the early Revolutionaries have been talked about a lot in the last couple years, and I think we’re better for it. We’re warned not to idolize or romanticize the men who shaped this country, but, once knowing them by their words and deeds, how can you not? These guys were hardcore. Washington crossing the Delaware, inspiring men to march barefoot to Valley Forge — these are stories of a great leader the likes of which we just don’t seem to come across anymore. I’m reminded of the scene in CS Lewis’ The Magician’s Nephew when Polly and Digory come to the hall of the ancient statues in Charn and witness the progression from the early noble leaders to the arrogant, selfish, cruel Jadis.

Degeneration. Decay. Every society experiences it. Yay.

On the heels of the most recent SOTU, it hardly seems fair to read Patrick Henry, but that, my friends, is Providence.

Thank you.

Thanks, E.

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Making a habit of navelgazing is never a good idea, and though it is natural to be caught up in the politics and current events of your native land, casting one’s gaze outward can lead to a renewed perspective on life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Just across our southern border, the people of Mexico are literally fighting for their lives.

The mayor of Tiquicheo, Maria Santos Gorrostieta, has come forward to reveal the horrific scars she has received from two assassination attempts at the hands of the drug cartels. She lost her husband in the first attempt, and she nearly lost her own life in both. She has children who are surely targets of the cartels, and yet she presses on, determined to change her small corner of her country for the better. She’s phenomenally brave, and stronger than I think I could be.

With women like Maria, Mexico has a chance. I don’t know how to help her, but I can pray for her and all the strong, brave women of Mexico. Anyone who has lived in a community full of Mexican women can tell you that if salvation comes to Mexico, it will come from the women. The grieving mothers, the widows, the young women who are tired of the fear and the horror and the carnage.

We’ve got it easy, kids. That doesn’t mean that our political battles aren’t important, however. It just means that we need to be grateful for our country’s current stability and even more mindful of guarding our liberty and freedom.

You see? This is what I’m talking about.

First Al Franken, now Olbermann. What’s next? Colbert for Congress? Jon Stewart for President?

This is why I cannot take my liberal peers seriously. I’m sure this Draft Olbermann idea seemed great in the cloud of pot smoke that birthed it, but in the light of day, it’s just ridiculous. It’s just sad to see that so many libs out there take Olby as seriously as he takes himself.

Pathetic. Grow up already.

Good night and… whatever…

So I’m glad Olbermann is gone from MSNBC, but I don’t think it’s going to matter all that much. Like the living dead, he’ll be back, lurching around and moaning, trying to eat someone’s brains.

I don’t really have strong feelings about Olbermann — I mean, a douche is a douche — but his antics have always been cringe-worthy. I’ve always been a little embarrassed for him — not for what he says, but for the obvious fact that he takes himself so seriously. All those jackasses, (Maher, Olbermann, &etc), love to mock conservatives as being “unable to get the joke” without realizing that they are themselves the joke. Most of us get the joke just fine. It’s called laughing at you, not with you.

The fact that Olbermann & Co. are somewhat popular just goes to show you that we’ve officially lost the War on Drugs. I mean, what else are you going to watch while hitting the bong before bedtime?

I just know there are grown up libs out there; I’m just sure of it. Where are they? Why do we have to suffer through “ironic” commentary as though it were substantive discourse?

It’s just depressing.


I had this crazy, Edward Scissorhands-esque dream about being a snow princess in New Hampshire, (or somewhere equally snowy). I can’t say I’ve ever had a dream like that in recent memory. Frothy dresses and sparkly things in my hair? Weird.

But awesome.

Perhaps I dreamt of New Hampshire because I really want Steyn to return at full strength. And somehow I’m telling myself that I want to watch Edward Scissorhands again.

Sisterhood, my ass.

I’ve been busy, but I’ve been busy with the radio on. I’ve come to the conclusion that Sarah Palin can teach us several lessons about our post-Sexual Revolution culture. First and foremost: never underestimate the bitchiness and insecurity of even the most enlightened of feminists. Secondly: Lefty metrosexual man-boys are apparently less evolved than their furry, meat-eating, testosterone-laden counterparts, as a woman like Sarah Palin sets their latent sexism alight.

I’m just sayin’, kids, that Sarah makes the straight boys on the Left squirm and our feminist mafia is never going to forgive her for it.

And that’s why I love her.

Talented little bastard.

In case you were wondering, I love Ricky Gervais. I love that he pissed so many self-important people off in such a short amount of time! That’s talent, folks.


The best. Ever.

I know this concept isn’t new…

…but the Left’s treatment of Sarah Palin smacks of the worst kind of sexism. It is, at the core of it, so diseased, so violent, that I commend her for facing it down. She’s a brave soul.

I just don’t know if I could withstand that sort of pure, irrational, rabid hatred.

I suppose I could but I wouldn’t be nearly as nice about it.

Of course.

As my friend Loren would say, “Suck.”