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Honestly, this is pretty sweet.

Go girl!

The crazy adds spice.

A link to inveterate scars where I link to this blog in some circular, incestuous Steyn love-in. I may be a little crazy, but I have great taste.

Space filler?

Uh, duh. We’re all functioning on a lot less sleep than we need. Even those of us who get “enough” sleep rarely get quality sleep. I’m not certain I should be ingesting as much coffee as I have been lately, but I need to get stuff done.

Which reminds me…

I’m not sure why this is a news story or why I’m writing about it.

Right between the eyes.

The carnage in Libya is absolutely deplorable. Someone needs to put that bastard Qaddafi down. Soon.

The fact that he is killing indiscriminately should surprise no one. The fact that he’s still alive after Lockerbie should. The idea that a completely unhinged despot has been in control of such a strategic part of the world simply galls.

Put him down.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Shut up, Mike Huckabee. Just shut up. This sort of thing would have been relevant — oh, I don’t know, 25 years ago? The way Huckabee underhandedly ripped Romney for being Mormon during the 2008 campaign turned me off of him completely. I don’t care how he reinvents himself, he’s a complete tool.

Who cares whether Natalie Portman is married or not? I sure as hell don’t. Natalie Portman is not the problem, she’s just a high profile target for a publicity seeking narcissist.

Gently weeping with joy.

Dear merciful God, it feels like coming home.

It was the Colonel, pointing out that the Queen has been on the throne “for 57 years” (59, actually), whereas he’s only been queen for 41 years. On the other hand, he has way more fabulous gowns.

Seriously, I had no idea how much I missed Mark Steyn until he came back. I feel this warm little glow spreading from the center of my being as I read Mark’s Corner posts. I don’t care what he says, I just live for the way he says it.

I may be weeping, just a little.


I think she looks amazing. Not too skinny, not too fat. She was unremarkable as a straight-size model, and she was barely large enough to be a plus-size model, but as a normal sized human woman, she is radiant.

Go Crystal.

Calling you out.

What’s up now, bitches? It’s official now. I want all of those “journalists” who mocked Jan Brewer regarding her statements made about drug-related beheadings in Arizona to issue a public apology. That’s not going to happen, but whatever.

The violence on the border is not going to go away just because we don’t want to deal with it, or because we’re interested in capturing a “key demographic.” The violence is traveling north, into our cities, and it has been for far too long. It’s unacceptable and shame on our politicians for being too pussified to do anything about it.

Angie… *sigh*

Oh Angie, I just can’t quit you. You may be scary-skinny at this point, and maybe a little full of yourself, but you are so pretty and so interesting and seemingly intelligent. I want to be you when I grow up. Even the too skinny part. But I have no interest in Brad.

If I had Angie’s money, I’d love to do what she’s doing — helping others and collecting babies from Third World countries. And I’d look fabulous while doing it.

A couple of years ago, some lady friends and I were gathered for some “girl” time, (bleh), when one asked who we related to more, Angie or Jen? I made the mistake of answering truthfully and without hesitation answered, “Angie.” You would have thought I’d just killed one of their pets, the reaction was so strong. But how could my answer have been anything other than sweet, spicy, Angelina?

Sorry ladies, Angie will always be the one for me.

[I'm thinking about penning a love letter to my lady love, but that might be too much.]

Hell yeah.

I saw this as I scrolled through my Facebook updates and thought “They’d better!” Manning is a colossal douche and should pay a grown-up price for his grown-up crimes. What’s so hard to understand about that?

(In case the embedded link doesn’t work, here’s the link: http://

A little asskicking fixes almost everything.

Used to be, you wear a shirt that offends a chunk of the student body, you get your ass kicked. Now you get the sensitivity police freaking out all over you.

And then you end up in court.

I think the shirt and its message are stupid. Marginalizing gay kids is small minded and cruel, but so is calling the Mexican kids “wetback” and the nerds “nerds”. We need to toughen up a little or we’re going to end up arresting fashion designers for being drunken assholes.

The court made the right call on this, however stupid the t-shirt is. Erring on the side of personal freedom is rarely a mistake.

Don’t be stupid.

I don’t like this. Antisemitism is abhorrent and indicative of a completely distorted value system, but throwing someone in jail for a drunken racist rant is just wrong. The criminalization of speech is one of the most sinister movements in modern times. Just ask Mark Steyn.

I don’t know anything about John Galliano other than his designs are orgasmic and he looks like a cross between a crazy, Victorian-era villain and Jack Sparrow’s gay brother. If he’s a drunken antisemite, while I find it a disgusting personal flaw, I don’t think he deserves 6 months in jail and a fine.

Scary stuff, the criminalization of opinion. If you don’t think it could happen here, you’re an idiot.

What does it mean to live in truth?

New Kundera post up at inveterate scars. Woo! Will post something later here. Must fold laundry.