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Why is it that only female conservative candidates can be asked inane questions like this? Did anyone ask Hillary if she was a “flake?” Or is she “serious” because she doesn’t look like Michele Bachmann or Sarah Palin? And would someone like Wallace ask a male candidate, regardless of party affiliation, if he were a “flake?” I think we know the answer to that question.

Michele Bachmann is a serious candidate. I may not like her voice, but I could survive eight years of it. A Cain/Bachmann (or Bachmann/Cain — I’m flexible) ticket would be heavenly, but we cannot let the media Palinize Bachmann. It’s not Palin’s fault, but the media has damaged her irreparably with the people who matter most — uninformed, idiotic voters. This key demographic makes up nearly 85% of the entire voting populace. Palin doesn’t deserve the picture painted of her by the media, and Bachmann doesn’t deserve it either. I do think Bachmann is savvy enough to weather it, especially with the lessons of ’08 still fresh.

The sad truth is that no conservative woman will get a fair shake in this country, because not only are liberal men afraid of their attraction to them, liberal women are just pissed that conservative women are so hot. We wear lip gloss and heels, not Tevas and tinted sunblock made from hemp.

Just sayin’.

(I don’t even want to think about what the media is going to do to Cain if he emerges as a frontrunner. It’ll be Condi Rice all over again, times a thousand. Hell hath no fury like the liberal establishment deprived of its “all conservatives are rich, old white men” narrative scorned.)

Signs of the times.

I am so glad that our government is in talks with the Taliban. They seem like stand up guys, you know?

An eight-year-old Afghan girl was killed when a bag of explosives given to her by Taliban insurgents blew up as she approached a police outpost in southern Afghanistan.

‘The insurgents handed over a bag with a homemade bomb to an eight-year-old girl and asked her to take it to police forces,’ the Ministry of Interior said in a statement.

‘As the girl was getting close to the police, it exploded and killed the girl.’

Well, it’s an entirely different culture. Who’s to say which civilization is better? I certainly don’t want to pass judgment.

It is also a worrying sign as Afghans prepare to take over security responsibility from NATO-led troops in seven areas across the country next month.

You don’t say.

Also: (Major Dhimmi Alert)

It is amazing what people are willing to convince themselves of, especially the tiny, dirty, purple pop star.

Wussy half-man. (Not you, James. You’re all man now.)

Of course he flinched. He’s a coward only concerned with reelection. Why not give the country back to the Taliban? Not like our soldiers have fought, bled and died for an objective Obama has sufficiently muddled and now abandoned.

I remember back in the dark ages of W, the Left was so concerned that our soldiers didn’t “die for nothing.” Funny how that doesn’t seem to matter anymore.

Free speech. Imagine that.

Honestly, I didn’t know how this was going to end. I’m glad that Wilders has been cleared because this trial was an extremely unfunny joke. The idea of criminalizing speech is so foreign to me, coming from a land where anything can and will be said without fear. We are a culture of self-censoring, PC boobs to be sure, but we don’t have to be. Apparently, we’re just idiots.

Congrats, Wilders. Freedom wins. For now.


I don’t know if it’s possible to have a sweeter, gentler, more adorkable puppy. He literally is the cutest dog on the planet.

Cutest. Ever.

I mean, seriously. He’s extremely sweet, and he often pretends that he isn’t just hoping that I’ll have food.

I was going somewhere with this, but I lost the thread. Enjoy the photo of my handsome boy and I’ll try to get back to whatever it was that was so important.

In which I climb on my soapbox. (As if I was ever off it.)

Who in their right mind would pay money for anything of Hitler’s? Sickos, that’s who. How ’bout I pay you nothing and you can watch me smash each one of those glasses, melt the pieces down and then smash them again?

I hate the sick fascination some people seem to have with colossal a-holes like Hitler. The guy was a genocidal psychotic with serious mommy issues, and yet there still seem to be members of our species who are willing to look the other way. Worse yet, there are those out there who believe the nutter was really onto something and get a bit misty-eyed about the old boy.

Freaks. I don’t know how the reality of Hitler’s crimes can elicit anything other than horror and disgust and a deep, deep sorrow. I’ve never watched or read anything about the Holocaust that didn’t make me cry. The weight of the lives lost is simply crushing. It’s excruciating.

Along the same lines — bear with me here — I just downloaded several albums by the band Disturbed. I’ve never been a huge fan, but they don’t completely suck. I’ve always kind of felt that they were a band for a generation or two after mine. I’ve been searching for music for the gym, since we quickly exhaust our playlists and then I have to hear about it. CrossFitters usually whine good naturedly about the workouts we’ve got to do, but music is always an issue. Too much R&B just sucks, rap is filthy and its lyrics insipid, and one can only listen to so much Metallica without dreaming to a Master of Puppets soundtrack. (Not that I mind that, really.) So one of my buddies in the military recommended Disturbed.

I listened to it on the way to church yesterday and was struck by the song “Never Again” on the Asylum album. As soon as I heard that song, I knew I was going to like the band. A lot. Did some research and now I’m also a fan of the lead singer, David Draiman. He says kick ass things about assholes like those who would buy the Hitler memorabilia mentioned above. And, according to Wikipedia (the most accurate source I know), he identifies himself as a libertarian. While I’d rather hear that someone was, say, a classical liberal, libertarian is acceptable.

I’ve lost friends on account of my devotion to Israel and its right to exist. (Because “Never Again” means never again, and that requires a place of safety and I’m thinking ancestral land is a great place for it.) Even though some of those friendships were longstanding, I am totally fine walking away from them. Israel’s right to exist and defend herself is non-negotiable, as is the fact that Hitler was a fucking douche who deserved to die in a much more painful, drawn-out manner and not idolized by lame, antisemitic pussies willing to spend thousands of dollars on some tumblers that may have belonged to him.

As I step down off my soapbox, I’ve got a new band to like and the same old freaks to despise. It evens out, I guess.

In which Mark Steyn tells Lindsey Graham to shut up.

I like it. Nay, I love it.

Alternatively, here’s a suggestion for Senator Graham: Why don’t you shut up?

Also, I love that Steyn refers to Qaddafi as the “pock-marked transvestite.” Honestly, I don’t know how anyone takes Lindsey Graham seriously. He’s that guy, the one that follows other, more resolute men around and echoes them. He’s completely worthless as a legislator.

More importantly, this observation is the most disturbing:

It was striking that, at Monday’s debate, even the more hawkish candidates were unable to articulate a rationale for the present Afghan mission. It’s hard to win a war when you don’t have war aims, and, as I wrote in National Review a couple of weeks back, America has gotten into the habit of unwon wars – in part because a buffoon like Graham and his dictatorial air miles are what passes for geostrategic “expertise” in Washington.

Uh-oh. We’re so hosed.

Talk about side-stepping a landmine.

Apparently, I’m as idiotic as the rest of these losers that fell for the Amina Arraf story. I didn’t want to believe it to fulfill some liberal narrative I secretly hold dear; I believed in it enough because something horrible is taking place in Syria, more horrible than the horrible things that normally take place, and “Amina” was a face to put to it. I am admittedly softer on homosexuality and gay marriage than many of my conservative counterparts, mostly because it’s an issue that hits very close to home. I’m fine with that.

Steyn’s right, you know.

As niche constituencies go, we could use more hijab-wearing Muslim lesbian militants and fewer fortysomething male Western deadbeat college students. But the latter is a real and pathetically numerous demographic, and the former is a fiction – a fantasy for Western liberals, who think that in the multicultural society the nice gay couple at 27 Rainbow Avenue can live next door to the big bearded imam with four child brides at No. 29 and gambol and frolic in admiration of each other’s diversity.

There are far too many 40-something male Western deadbeat college students. Just the thought of Tom McMaster just makes my skin crawl, and unfortunately, his love-handled physique, moobs silhouetted under his thin t-shirt, is ingrained in my mind. How pathetic to be a 40 year old college student! Amazingly enough, he found someone equally pathetic to marry him. We can only thank Gaia that there has been no offspring produced, and probably never will.

The larger point of Steyn’s piece is absolutely right on. The world as envisioned by the generic Western liberal is nonexistent. It will never be. It is impossible, and based on ignorance and naivete. The very people who deride people like me as overly simplistic and ignorant are themselves incapable of comprehending the intricacies of disparate cultures and cruelly theocratic political ideologies. Why? Because they don’t want to know about it. They want to believe that everyone, deep down inside of their secret hearts, really just needs to kick back in some hotpants and fishnets and have a nice cold glass of Chablis at Pride. Because if the religious nutters and the backward folks from faraway places like Syria and Iran just realized how awesome it is to abandon all absolutes, well then, we could all just join hands and shop for antiques.

I have an ex who is a lot like Tom McMaster. It’s embarrassing, but I just look back on that as a bullet dodged.

Shudder to think, right?


This has been what I’ve been complaining about since we moved here. I hate it here. I have no personal freedom and I get pulled over all the time for everything. It’s a running joke in my family that I am constantly fighting one traffic ticket of another. I’ll fight it; I won’t let the bastards grind me down. Unfortunately, I spend entirely too much time at the courthouse in El Cajon with all the crazies. Makes me just want to put a cigarette out in someone’s eye.

I actually talked to an Arizona native some time ago who — while swearing to me that personal freedom and individual rights were passions of his — had the lack of self-awareness to say that this was the most awesomest place to live. Evah. He just couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. As I snorted my derision, I ticked off ten disparate places I’d rather live, including my hometown of Butthole, Arizona. He was appalled by my lack of sophistication.

I, on the other hand, was nauseated by his ability to just give away his rights as an American just to live in a place like this: overpriced, overdone and overhyped, with a badly decaying infrastructure and an apathetic populace so entranced by their own navels they can’t see that the state is falling apart around them. The people of California are so brainwashed, they truly imagine that a hyperinvasive state government is the price one pays for nice weather.

It’s infuriating. Surrounded by sheep, it’s all I can do to keep from having a stroke. One grows weary of screaming into the void.

Victor Davis Hanson offers a depressing, thoroughly rational parallel between Greece and California over at the Corner. It’s so obvious, and yet no one is paying attention. A few weeks back, VDH wrote about metal thieves in the Central Valley and the creeping desperation that is spreading throughout this state. Metal thieves used to be the meth-heads from the trailer park on the outskirts of town who needed some quick cash to go buy more Sudafed. Not anymore. Though I’m sure a good many copper/steel/iron/catalytic converter thefts are drug-related in some sense, metal thievery is not just for pock-marked losers who’ve been spending the day fighting off invisible bug infestations anymore. People are desperate, jobless, and willing to do anything.

We’re sliding into Mad Max territory, kids. This is not the California that former Arizonan thinks he lives in. He’s deluded, as are the rest. It’s time to wake up.

Just get the sex change already.

What the hell is wrong with these guys? I think it’s too much soy. McMaster’s got the moobs already.

The hoax involving the true identity of a Syrian lesbian blogger has taken another turn, as another man has acknowledged he is behind a lesbian blog that republished vivid accounts of revolt in Damascus.

A 40-year-old American man living in Scotland apologized earlier Monday for posing as a Syrian lesbian blogger named Amina Arraf, whose reported detention fueled attention that eventually led to the man’s confession that his blog posts had been an elaborate ruse.

Later Monday, The Washington Post reported that an editor of lesbian news website — who encouraged Arraf and republished her blog entries — was a man named Bill Graber who used the name Paula Brooks as an online persona.

Graber confirmed his identity to The Associated Press, saying “LezGetReal was not meant to be deceitful or con anyone.”

This isn’t about raising awareness; this is about the freaks that hide behind online personas. These guys are exploiting the very people they claim to support. It’s disgusting. I’m thinking I’m going to avoid painting the entire progressive left with this brush at this point, because I think these guys need help.

Are there any lesbian bloggers out there that are actually female? Or are they a bunch of muffin-topped 40 year old college students with serious moobage?

And finally…


[April fans self.

Dude. Seriously, Harry. What are you doing to me?

I had a conversation with a woman I’d just met at a kid’s birthday party this weekend about Harry. We agreed that Harry is the best of the princes. Hot, irreverent, interesting, has hair, doesn’t look horsey. (Sorry Wills.) And he knows how to use his big, big gun.

Oh Harry, I adore you.

Two cents.

FYI, I think Kevin Bieksa is sexier. He’s got a brutal look to him, which I like a lot. A. Lot. Mmmm… I might start paying attention to hockey.

Kesler’s all right, with the frequent furriness he’s got going on, but Bieksa’s where it’s at.

But if I had to vote for a sexiest Canuck — a regular Canadian and not a hockey player — you know who’d be at the top of my list. Steyn’s the only sexy Canadian for me.

Of course.

I fell for the gay girl in Damascus. I briefly considered being embarrassed about it, but then I figured, What’s the point? I am not so naive as to believe everything I read on the internet, but I was taken in because there are people dying in Syria and there is terrible oppression throughout the Arab/Muslim world. Gays and lesbians are murdered in Iran simply for being. It’s all horrific.

And yet the gay girl in Damascus is nothing more than a lying leftie bastard in a Che Guevara tee. (How fitting. Well, the image, not the actual t-shirt. What is it with progressive boys and muffin tops?) I am convinced that these people, these hardcore leftie progressives, are unbalanced. Why would you lie when the truth is more than enough? I’ll tell you why: this little bitch wanted some attention. Why else would he pretend to get kidnapped, setting off a firestorm of concern? As for lifting that poor woman’s photos from Facebook, he put her in potential danger, for she had no idea she was the face of a protest in the Middle East.

He is a Middle East peace activist and says he wrote the fictionalized account of a gay woman in Syria to illustrate the situation for a Western audience [. . .]

He wrote: ‘I never expected this level of attention. While the narrative voıce may have been fictional, the facts on thıs blog are true and not mısleading as to the situation on the ground.

‘I do not believe that I have harmed anyone — I feel that I have created an important voice for issues that I feel strongly about.

Is this the same guy who falsified GWB’s National Guard records? Condescending BS like this really irritates me. I don’t need the situation explained to me, Tom. I understand what’s going on in Syria, Tom. What astounds me is the cynicism of progressivism, its belief any lie, any fraud is worth perpetrating if it serves the “greater good.” Truth is not subjective or a weapon to be wielded in order to advance some agenda.

Stunts like this feed our cultural apathy. Gay girls living in autocracies become punchlines because delusional assholes like Tom McMaster make shit up and no one trusts that things are really that bad. Surely, the reasoning goes, if it were that bad, there would be an actual gay girl blogging in Damascus about the hardships she’s facing. If things were that bad, Syrians wouldn’t have to import their sorrows.

Meanwhile, over 1300 Syrians have been killed by their own government. None of the gay girls in Syria have time to blog about their trials and travails; they’re all running from Baby Assad’s forces.

Exit question: What the hell is a 40 year old man doing still at university? He’s 40, on holiday in Turkey, pretending to be a persecuted gay girl, and he’s still in college. And he’s not even remotely embarrassed by these details.


I love this picture! Back when I started reading Steyn and wanted a face to go with all of that awesomeness, one of the only pictures I could find on the ‘net was this one. I agree with Scaramouche; I assumed from the Jewfro that Steyn was, ah, tribal. Which was not a bad thing, in my opinion. I have a weakness for the Jewfro and the Jewy men that sport them. (See: Seth Rogen — who is also Canadian, which is weird. I’m thinking I have a Canadian Jew fetish going on here.) But alas, Steyn’s ‘fro was as far as the Jewishness went. I won’t hold that against him.

But I think this picture is supercute. Like a big, fuzzy bear! You just want to hug him, don’t you?