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This is why sane people don’t like you.

I don’t care what you call it, as long as the trash gets taken out. The problem with Ron’s word choice is that it implies a criminal or unethical action has taken place. Is Ron Paul the ultraleft’s sleeper candidate or something? The more press exposure he gets, the more crazy he sounds.

Let’s face it, Ron, the guy deserved as good as he got. When you peddle death for a living, you can never be too surprised when it knocks on your door.

Somebody do us a favor and revoke Paul’s “Republican” status, okay? Thanks.


My reaction to it was rather visceral. I don’t want to give anything away, so I won’t detail the bit that hit me like a punch in the gut.

It is a damn shame that Frank Miller’s Holy Terror is not a Batman graphic novel. A damn shame. Who better to fight Islamism than the Dark Knight? Well, whatever. The Fixer will do nicely. He’s not bound by the layers of morality and backstory that threaten to suffocate our Bruce Wayne. He’s clean, he’s new, he’s shooting jihadis in the face. In the face! That should be mandatory for every superhero story, novel, movie or graphic novel from now on.

There is nothing psychologically abnormal about wishing death upon death dealers. There is no abnormality in longing for someone who will fight on our behalf. The Fixer’s fight has just begun, while ours has grated on without purpose or direction for years. Name our enemy. Call them out. And kill them out. Every last one.

Except my life.

Pray. And tell everyone you know.

If ever I face adversity of the magnitude which Pastor Nadarkhani is facing, I would like to be as steadfast, as faithful, and as resolute. How many of us hedge when faced with the mildest opposition here in the US? Could we face death for our God? It calls to mind the rash of journalist kidnappings at the height of the Iraq War, when the abductee had to “revert” to Islam to secure his/her release. Quite a few captives said the words and were freed, just as Pastor Nadarkhani could simply recant and live, even if he didn’t mean it. Is life worth living when it is secured by cowardice?

When we say, “I don’t know what I’ll do until I’m in that situation,” we are setting ourselves up for failure. I really don’t want to die for some grand cause, but if I have to die for my faith, well, I don’t want to go out like Peter at the crucifixion. All would be forgiven, but still.

We live in an age where no one believes there is anything worth dying for. Only in the West, kids. The rest of the world is a much harsher place.

Space saved.

I’m saving this space for my thoughts on the great Frank Miller’s new graphic novel, Holy Terror.

It’s okay to want vengeance when your countrymen have been slaughtered. It’s a totally normal psychological response. What is not normal is turning on the victim, blaming the stunned, bloodied country for the crime perpetrated against it. That’s a sickness.

More later.

They just won’t let us keep flyin’.

The quote the professor used is actually my favorite Mal quote. And of course they called the purplebellies; that’s what fascists do.

Keep flyin’, brother.

Exit question: Can this be characterized as adult bullying?

Sheesh. Pansies.

Stupid WordPress messing around with my dashboard options…

Hi! I was taking a break from the new school year — it’s going SO WELL, I want to cry — and I came across this.

No seriously, adults are claiming to have been “bullied” at work. Um. Yeah. So there’s that.

What the hell? I read something recently about people complaining about getting “bullied” on Facebook. I suppose, if I were a gigantic baby I could claim to have been “bullied” on Facebook as well. Running into an old nemesis from high school on that social networking site seemed like a great way to mend fences. We’re both adults, I thought, we’ve got kids and whatnot. It quickly became apparent that she wanted to pick up where we left off when we were 16. The hilarity continued as she mentioned talking to an old friend of mine, (now a crackhead in Bakersfield who called me almost 10 years ago out of the blue to literally cry about her woes with CPS). After wiping tears of laughter from my face, I promptly told her to eff off, banned her from my account and carried on.

Because I’m an adult and she is obviously not. She’s still the juvenile whore she was in high school who enjoys being cruel to others to alleviate her dissatisfaction with her own empty life. Why do I care what she thinks of me? As an adult, you can only be “bullied” if you let yourself.

We’re such a nation of great babies. The thing about bullies, especially the adult kind, is that they can smell weakness and fear. They can taste your craven wussiness, your lack of self-confidence and self-worth. While you never want to get into a barroom brawl at work — who carries broken bottles around with them anyway? — just don’t let people bully you. We’re adults. Act like it.

I’m sorry if you feel someone is being mean to you, but suck it up. That’s life. People are cruel, immature, petty, and unfair. Deal with it.

Or I’ll kick your ass.

I think I’ve made a huge mistake.

I can’t put it off any longer; I’ve made a mistake and I can’t live with myself until I admit it. I jumped in too quickly with Perry. There’s so much to like, and yet… The demagoguery on illegal immigration is too much. W did it and I hated it. “Electability” is a trap we all fall into at some point if we live in the realm of politics, and we start believing the line pushed by the GOP establishment. The HPV thing didn’t bother me as much, on account of the course correction on Perry’s part, but I’m tired of GOP illegal immigration squishes. I should have stuck with my original choice, Herman Cain. I don’t care if he “can’t win” — he’s conservative in all the right places and he’s incredibly charismatic.

He’s the guy. Perry isn’t. And I was wrong. It happens every once in awhile and I can’t live with myself until I admit it.

The way this country deals with illegal immigration is  irresponsible. It is not a race issue, and making it one is both dishonest and lazy. It is a national security issue. I’m not saying we should ship everyone back to their country of origin; I’m just saying we need to close our borders down. And don’t tell me we can’t; if the state of California can monitor the food in my kid’s lunchbox or the carbon dioxide in my exhaust, it can close a border down. The federal government in this country is growing ever more invasive and yet they claim they can’t do something countries have been doing for thousands of years — defining and protecting their borders. It’s elementary. If we can’t stop a Mexican national from “slipping” across miles of open land in full daylight, we can’t stop al Qaeda jihadis from “slipping” across our borders either.

There, I’ve said it. I mean it. I was wrong.


I am so glad to see that our money is being spent well.

The place where the Gila River bends.

I’ve been to (through) Gila Bend, Arizona countless times since I was four years old. I’ve actually got no idea how many times I’ve seen that horrible little speed trap. I’ve gotten too many tickets from the bored sheriff to mention and I’d always assumed there would be more than one bar, because I can’t imagine what there is to do in Gila Bend besides drinking.

Now the one-horse town gets my favorite prince. My only advice for Harry, having experienced so much of what Gila Bend has to offer, is to avoid driving after dark, for that’s when the sheriff and highway patrol get bored and start to pull people over for real or imagined traffic violations.

It’s beautiful country, though. A wide, relatively lush valley in the desert, open skies and so much space. I love it. The town, not so much, but the desert that surrounds it… God’s country, kids.


This is some sick, twisted logic from some sick, twisted people. Even worse, there are so many seemingly intelligent people who are nodding along in absolute agreement — “Well, what does Israel expect? They were warned.” When confronted by radical Islamists, the West becomes the battered woman who makes excuses for her bloodied face.

I’m tired of the weakness that comes out of the West. We’ve got no honor, no courage. We’re only concerned with our comfort and convenience, but there are bigger things in this life. Supporting our only democratic ally in the tumultuous Middle East. Pushing back at bullies who threaten and use violence to get their way. We are a cowed, soft culture and in that respect, Obama is the perfect figurehead. He is the perpetual manboy, naive, idealistic, and “tolerant” to the point of being neutered.

Why can’t the Palestinians just, you know, stop trying to kill Israelis? Maybe quitting wholesale, indiscriminate murder cold turkey is too hard. How about just lobbing fewer rockets into schoolyards and forgoing the suicide vest detonation in crowded areas altogether?

We have got to stop rewarding bullies for being bullies.


If history has taught us anything — and it hasn’t since we don’t actually learn history anymore — taking action when death camps are discovered should be a no-brainer. And yet we dither and ignore, allowing half the population of Korea to suffer and die. Not that we needed any more proof that the North Korean government is a horrible, brutal, murderous regime.

The “world community” is worthless. The most “compassionate” generation in history is anything but.

Call to John.

A young but no less repulsive Arnold Schwarzenegger will be popping up nude in an L.A. parking lot sometime soon, looking for John Connor. Or else we’re all in the Matrix. Or something. Autonomous killing drones just seem like a really bad idea.

We know how this story ends.


I’m almost embarrassed for him. He’s so needy. It’s pathetic. In high school, we called those guys, “Losers.”

Poor guy. He so badly wants to be a dictator. If only everyone would get out of his way and let him tell us what to do.


So, let me get this straight… Perry jeopardizes his political career over $5000 in campaign contributions. The HPV vaccine is a medical breakthrough, and it saves lives. Perry recognized this, though he went about it the wrong way. On his show this afternoon, Hugh Hewitt posited the question: If a vaccine for HIV was discovered, and your state had high AIDS rates, what would you do?

Sarah Palin needs to either enter the race or stop imagining herself the kingmaker of this primary. I like her, but her antics are tiring. I grow weary of the “will she or won’t she?” It’s so annoying.

I’m tired of talking about this, because I believe it’s a non-issue. More troubling is Perry’s stance on illegal immigration, which calls to mind George W. Bush’s squishy policies. It’s not a deal-breaker for me, however. I think that can be fixed with a good Veep selection.

And I think we can all agree that Ron Paul is a complete wackadoo.