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There’s a new post up at inveterate scars.

We are men of action. Lies do not become us.

I see from Steyn’s website that it’s that time again — Christmas CD time! I need to order a copy, for Steyn’s cds are my daughter’s favorite music for looking at Christmas lights.

Speaking of Steyn, I’ve been doing a bit of catching up after a long and lazy holiday and the subsequent convalescence. The most recent Happy Warrior column was divine, albeit in a depressing way.

If I’ve sounded a wee bit overwrought in recent columns, it’s because America is seizing up before our eyes. And I’m a little bewildered by how many Americans can’t see it. I think about that chap at LaGuardia with “Don’t Tread on Me” on his chest, and government bureaucrats in his pants. And I wonder if America’s exceptional attitudinal swagger isn’t providing a discreet cover for the shriveling of liberty. Sometimes an in-your-face attitude blinds you to what’s going on under your nose.

At this point, I’m just wondering what I could possibly add to this. Steyn lays it out — all the shameful, full-frontal posturing that has become the American way. I remember my dad telling me once that a brave man doesn’t tell you that he’s brave, a talented man lets his talent speak for itself, and a beautiful woman never allows her beauty to define her. My dad, he’s a smart man (and a humbler man you will not find), and his words ring true. As Steyn points out, we’ve become a country of poseurs, all swagger and not much else.

Westerns have seen a bit of a comeback lately, (I’d like to think that this is a direct result of Firefly being so damned awesome, but I think that may not be the case), which gets me thinking about the scene in which the badass, semi-criminal antihero walks into the saloon and a hush falls over the crowded room. You know that scene; that scene is in every Western and action movie ever made. In the good films, the badass is unassuming, or has been unassuming up until recently, and now has no need to brag about his badassness. He’ll either prove it in the next 30 seconds without saying a word, or he’s just finished mopping up the mayor’s/sheriff’s/oil baron’s thugs.

The point is that he’s not a man of slogans and swagger, but a man of action. The guy who gets s*** done. We used to be that guy. We were underrated, unassuming and we whupped everybody’s ass when the time came. Now we’re in decline, and we’re living off that reputation like the high school quarterback still stuck in his hometown. Everybody knows that guy’s pathetic, and no one takes him seriously.

Guess what? No one’s taking us seriously anymore either.

She seems like a lovely woman.

This is like naming your child “Tesco” or “Seven.” Jihad is such a generic term, why not go for one of those lovely words that sound so beautiful in Arabic and mean such nasty things so that us ignorant Westerners don’t know the difference? Stupid. I’m sure she’s highly educated and not on the dole at all.

Happy Thanksgiving.

This made me smile. I am so happy for Gabby and her family. What a brilliant recovery she’s made. Of course, my heart goes out to the families of the other victims of that horrible day, the victims that did not make recoveries. The first Thanksgiving is hard. The tenth Thanksgiving will be just as hard, just in a different way.

There is joy in Giffords’ recovery, her smiling face a symbol of hope and perseverance. Let’s thank the One who makes these moments possible.

Stay classy.

Obviously, it wasn’t a spur of the moment decision, and obviously, it is not okay to refer to a woman in this manner simply because you disagree with her politics. Bachmann is not necessarily my choice for the GOP, but she’s a good person, an accomplished and intelligent woman, and she deserves better than this juvenile stoner BS. I like the Roots, but they’re idiots. This kind of behavior isn’t clever, it’s just stupid. Sadly, “clever” isn’t what it used to be.

However it’s explained away, I think it’s apparent that this was a premeditated stunt aimed at making Bachmann look silly. But I think it also exposes the Roots as the lyin’ ass bitches. If these guys are so desperate to prove their “cleverness” then just own your actions. Own your sh*t! You don’t like women who dare to think differently than you. If someone is not of your political persuasion, they cease to be human in your eyes. You dehumanize those who don’t vote the way you do.

Just admit it, bitches.

Good stuff.

I have absolutely nothing to say right now. I’ve been immersed in the magic that is my Kindle Fire, sideloading apps and configuring things, making WordPress work and installing other ereader apps so as to access all of my books. I’ve got no room in my brain for anything else.

Well, except for this. Gene Expression is my new favorite blog. Razib Khan writes a great mix of science, historical context and current events. I’m hooked. (Read the post “History obviates surprises” to see why, if the previous link is not enough.)

Fortunately, my new Kindle Fire helps me keep track of each new post. I’d advise you to do the same.

Grown ups.

I mentioned my respect for Rick Santorum previously, and this article only serves to reinforce that. We would be extremely fortunate to have such a man lead us for eight years. It speaks volumes of our country, our culture and ourselves that we most likely will not. He’s the grown up we need in the White House in this age of perpetual adolescence and the waning of empires. I might just vote for him in the primary.


The Princess Bride is easily my all time favorite movie and the book has again been rediscovered. I read the book in the 6th grade, and I recently bought the ebook for my Kindle. Westley — whether we’re talking about the movie (the brilliant, beautiful, Cary Elwes) version or the book (again, there’s Cary Elwes) version — has ruined things for men for decades. What banal pick up line or lame nervous joke can compete with “As you wish”? How can shopping for toilet paper or arguing about finances ever compare with traversing the world to find one’s true love? Westley, my sweet Westley, (oh look, a young Cary Elwes!), you’ve ruined me for all other men. You are, in fact, the perfect man.

Love you.

Hello there.

So Christmas came early at tHG and I am blogging from my new Kindle Fire. I have a netbook, and I have a fancy phone, so I can’t justify a tablet, but I’ve wanted a Kindle for ages, and Mr HG took pity on me. Thank you, Mr HG.

Pathetic, however you look at it.

It’s heartening to see how advanced societies are becoming across the globe.

What is it about women that frightens radical Islam so? We’re pretty awesome, but that is something to be celebrated. I am once again thankful that I was born in a country were women can at least show their eyes without fear of reprisal.

It is sickly amusing that feminists in this country fuss about minuscule wage discrepancies when women are being forced to hide their eyes in other countries. It’s pretty pathetic.


Am I wrong or is Rick Santorum too nice a guy to be president? He’s principled, he’s devout, he loves his family… he’s too good for the presidency. There’s no calculated, cynical air about him. He’s a good guy. We’d be lucky to get a guy like Santorum, but he’s too good for us.

Sorry ’bout the language, Dad…

… but this guy’s an asshole. It cannot be denied. I know you hate it when I swear, though. At least that’s what Mom keeps telling me.

Thanks, Frank.

I’ve made no secret of my love for Frank Miller — his art, his storytelling, his everything — and this only cements it. He gets it; he remembers. Our war against Islamofascism is not over, and yet our media and leftist elites act as if the last ten years were just some embarrassing overreaction. And as nice as it would be if Osama’s death were the end of the war, that is far from the truth. As Raymond Ibrahim says, Islamofascism is the Hydra. And our society, shaken by the events ten years ago, has once again retreated into a self-absorbed, self-satisfied and complacent slumber, too cosseted and pampered to even dream of sacrifice or strife.

As a perfect example of this, the Occupy Wall Street “movement” has emerged, a confederation of dunces, murderers, rapists and thieves playing at anarchy, attempting to disrupt those who actually work. What started as a petulant tantrum by bored, overindulged professional university students has become something else, a permanent shanty town of bottom feeders who know how to turn chaos to their advantage. The college kids have flats and homes to return to; those who do not or will not face the predators that anarchy will invariably bring.

Can’t say history doesn’t warn you, idiots.

Remind me who the tolerant ones are again.

I would be surprised if this guy was making this up. It is assumed that once one comes out they immediately register Democrat, slap a rainbow CoExist sticker on their BMW and cut off all association with any sort of organized religion. That is not the case, however much the left would like it to be, but that does not stop the media from portraying such to the great, fat, unwashed and unsophisticated masses that populate this country between L.A. and New York City.

Here’s the dirty little secret: gay people are as wonderfully varied and unique as straight people. Unfortunately, the left is not so tolerant of anyone in their predetermined Balkanized groups who refuse to fit the mold. So who are the tolerant ones again?