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Something to look forward to.

I just can’t wait for that government healthcare to finally kick in! And you thought it was bad when your private insurance coverage ran out.

Seriously though, what a devoted family. Beauty from a country often defined by the misery of its citizens.

Simmer down.

I’ve managed to fall ill again — thank you, third grader who lives in my house — and thus I am now the flu shot for next year. Hopefully, there are a few more strains floating out there for me to become infected with and therefore immune to, and then the CDC can draw my blood for its antiviral properties.

I’ve got my fingers crossed.

There is so much I want to say about the hysteria surrounding these gun bans and bills and whatnot. First of all, a local talk show host is doubling down on the “it’s the drugs, stupid” meme regarding the recent gun violence, crying from the rooftops that the anti-depressants made these shooters do it. To that I say, be careful what you wish for.

Ignoring the very obvious fact that these shooters were on psychiatric drugs because they were actually disturbed, blaming “Big Pharma” (as this guy so lamely puts it – so a decade ago) in lieu of guns is not a winning proposition. Soon, the government will be able to legally peep into your medical files, and if taking drugs becomes suspect, well then, you better pray you don’t have an anxiety disorder or need a little help when there’s a crisis, because you’ll be suspect too.

It’s not that easy. Anti-depressants have been shown to cause unpredictable reactions in adolescents, but beyond that, it’s inconclusive. Anytime you monkey around with the chemicals in your brain, you’ve got to be careful, and it often takes several different tries to get the drug combination right for someone who is severely off-kilter. Certain drugs affect people differently, because our chemistry is unique. I’d much rather have conservatives putting forth a solid, pro-Second Amendment argument than have some hysterical radio jockey spouting off about Big Pharma like he’s just got back from the Occupy WallStreet rally.

Secondly, let’s make sure we’ve got a good, solid understanding of the Constitution before we start arguing with people. Know your Second Amendment before engaging in any argument/debate with anyone. I don’t want to hear any one of you saying things like, “Well, I’ll agree with you on that…” We mustn’t. Why? Because this isn’t about how many bullets it takes to kill a deer, it’s about the fundamental right as put forth by the Framers for the general populace to arm itself. When your sister-in-law squawks “You’re saying that the 2nd Amendment was put in there to make sure we can arm ourselves against tyranny?!” You can look at her and say, “Yes. Simmer down, Lolly, the grown-ups are talking.”

Humans are always coming up with sweet new ways of killing each other, and while a semi-automatic assault rifle sounds super scary, it’s not. Semi-auto means you pull the trigger once and one bullet comes out. And one man’s assault rifle is another man’s legitimate hunting rifle. Are fully auto machine guns legal? Can you buy a bazooka at Sportsman’s Warehouse? I thought not.

Simmer. Down.

This is about taking away your rights, nothing more. You give in on guns, and the rest is easy. This administration is manipulating you, playing on your emotions. Why wouldn’t politicians want you to have guns? Well, why wouldn’t the Crown want the Colonies to be armed? Why didn’t Hitler want his subjects armed. Think these things through to their logical outcome people. I;m not some conspiracy theorist, I’m just a pessimist. I’m cynical and I don’t trust politicians who tell me they’re going to save me from myself.

I’ve read the histories. I know how that goes.

Thirdly, just think for yourselves, people. Learn to take in facts in a somewhat analytical manner. Try to read between the lines. Study history because that is the only thing that will save us. And don’t be afraid to go against the current. We were made individuals; let’s embrace that.

Beautiful life.

So, I really, really have to do the dishes. They are epic in scope. Unfortunately, I also have actual peace and quiet in my house for the first time in a month, so I need to take advantage of that as well. I’ll hurry, say my piece, and then start on that mountain of dishes in my sink.

This is an heartrendingly beautiful testimonial from the Daily Mail, my guilty reading pleasure. Some may argue that what this woman did was selfish or stupid, but all her child knew was real, honest love in his short time on this earth. It’s quite overwhelming to think of, really — all Lucian knew was love. Can you imagine a life in which all you knew was love? She played the hand she was dealt and loved her child. Love is not always fair or fun or easy, at least real love isn’t. I will never recover from loving and losing my first child before she was three. Real love annihilates, becomes something more than emotion, and while it elevates, it also exposes you to the worst of all terrors: loss.

Lucian could have died at anytime in my womb but he held on long enough for us to meet properly.

‘My son looked utterly perfect.

‘The love and joy I felt the moment they put Lucian in my arms told me it had all been worth it.’

I love the idea that he waited to be born so he could meet her. It’s sweet. Her life is forever changed by someone who had no idea he was changing it. But isn’t that the beauty of children? Children demand nothing but real, unguarded, uncomplicated love from someone they already love more than anything in the world. They’re terrifying, children are, but they’re worth it. Even when the worst possible scenario is realized, and you end up sitting in a house that has ceased to be a home and is altogether too quiet, it is worth it.

It is always worth it.

I’ve been wrong before.

So I haven’t seen Zero Dark Thirty, mostly because I refuse to watch propaganda films. Mr. HG, however, watched it the other night. Judging from the amount of giggling, sighing, groaning and full-throated denunciations overheard, I’m assuming it was not as good as the press are claiming.

Mr HG’s actual review was delivered in his typically succinct style: “That was stupid. A total waste of my time.” He had, of course, researched it extensively before watching it, which I am assuming made it even worse to sit through. I knew better than to waste my time.

This is what we should be hearing about. From what I’ve read, Marcus Luttrell is comfortable with it, which is enough for me. The release date is only listed as “2013″ on the IMDB page, but I’ll hear about it from the Mr well before it is actually released.

In a sane, fair world, I’d expect the amount of press for Lone Survivor to surpass the hype surrounding Zero Dark Thirty, but I’m not holding my breath. If it’s not a film made for the glory of our Dear Leader, I’m not sure it will receive the same kind of disgusting, fawning, sycophantic reviews. 

I could be wrong, though. It happens sometimes.

Teeny-weeny caesars with teeny weenies.

Mayor Bloomberg is a very, very weird dude indeed. I think he’d benefit from some psychotherapy.

America has become the land of a thousand teeny caesars, all divine in their own minds, the stars of their own Imperial reality shows. Of course, we have one giant Caesar, who is pretty concerned that we’re all rendering unto him what he is due. And maybe a little more. Gotta pay your fair share, you know.

Debby Downer.

I know that everyone is having kittens over the gun control laws that are in our very near future, imposed by our Dear Leader out of his love for us and his benevolent will. But I just can’t join in that chorus. Not because I believe the bullsh*t caricature of the average American gun owner as portrayed by our pompous elitist pseudo-intellectuals in the media, but because I believe that every good thing comes to an end, and beautiful things die when they are not attended to. We have neglected our personal freedoms and abdicated our role are cultural caretakers for too long. And I don’t think we can be saved. We are going to lose our rights in an overt fashion now precisely because we gave them up piecemeal over decades of apathetic navel-gazing.

Scream all you like, but the country as a whole reelected this demagoguing, cynical prat, and we get what’s coming to us. These things can and will happen to us. We’ve lost all the battles that matter, which means we will lose the war.

I don’t mean to say that we should stop fighting it, but that we need to reexamine our tactics. The war of ideas was lost long ago to a group that values neither reason not logic nor ideas. We’re fighting smart bombs with trench warfare.

Or trench warfare with smart bombs. No, that’s not right because we’re losing. I don’t know.

I’ve tried, really I have.

Here’s my thought: There is nothing — nothing — empowering about selling one’s body for money, power or fame. I’ve just begun reading an article on the “war” on sex workers, written by a “former” sex worker, that claims that the real war on women is found in the attempt to eradicate prostitution. I confess, I’m coming at this article with an acute and steadfast and — in my opinion, quite reasonable — intellectual bias. However many times I have taken this subject and examined it from an intellectual standpoint (no judgment here, I can honestly say) I cannot find anything objectively empowering about selling oneself. An argument can be made for practical reasons, for subjective reasons, for environmental reasons, but I cannot find an objectively logical way to identify prostitution of any sort as “empowering.”

What’s empowering about it? Treating your own body with the same contempt that others do is somehow preferable to the contempt being one-sided? Feminism is notably schizophrenic when it comes to sex, and the so-called religious right is notoriously hypocritical and shaming about it, but the author has a problem with anti-sex traffickers as well, which I can’t reconcile. I suppose we all justify our decisions in our own way, and we tell ourselves what we must in order to sleep at night.

The article can be found in the current issue of Reason, and its author is Melissa Gira Grant.


New keyboard has arrived! And though it was deemed unnecessary by Mr. HG, I still think it is pretty awesome. Mostly because my laptop is rad but weighs 200lbs. And doesn’t fit in my purse.

Checking in.

Do you know what one of my favorite slang terms is right now? “Bougie” — as in, “That b!tch is bougie as hell.” Without doing any research on the origin of the term in urban dictionary, I’m assuming it derives from bourgeois, which I find immensely entertaining. Ages ago, certain groups were referring to money as “ducats” which also prompted stifled giggles of glee on my part, just because I love creative uses of language, wherever it is found.

Right now I’m waiting for my Bluetooth keyboard to be delivered so as to complete my portable blogging trifecta. Expect more awesomeness soon. I’ve got a lot to say, as you’d expect, and at some point I’ll have the time to say it.