I can’t find a better picture than the one that’s up already, but I don’t like that one either.

Anyway, I’m 35, 5’8″ and pretty cranky most of the time. I’ve got green eyes and naturally blondish hair, which I have finally given up on darkening. I write stuff and most of the time it’s really good. This is not bragging; it’s a fact. My Twitter dealie is @apriljoygavaza because I’m not super-creative with web names. Also, I don’t tweet very often because I’m lazy.

77 Responses to About.

  1. Hope you’re having a lovely Easter, and wishing you every blessing.

  2. Gilbert Covell

    I just thought that green eyes are very sexy. I have deep brown eyes and i would really love to have green eyes. oh how i wish. `”*”:

    Warm regards http://www.foodsupplementdigest.com/benefits-of-magnesium/

  3. Being supported in your faith is awfully important — if you’re still not crazy about where you are, try out churches until you find a real home.

    Auntie Cathy

  4. Happy Mother’s Day, HG.

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