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Laptops are important in our lives because of the utility they provide. You can check your mail and finish up your office work on the way to your office. You can move around with all the personal applications you required from your computer due to laptops. Computers cannot be taken to your home if you need to finish up office work at home. Laptops are the answer to such problems; employees can use laptops to work at home. Students can use laptops to work on their assignment wherever they want and then take their work anywhere.

Let’s see what a laptops have a full size laptops is equipped with a screen, and full size QWERTY keyboard. Laptops can perform almost all the task of their counterpart’s. Laptops in this new age are equipped with the entire requirement you require from your computer. You can watch movies paly games and surf on the internet anywhere you want without the Hassel of being stuck where your computer is.

Laptops come with a rechargeable battery that enables us to keeping using our laptop even without electricity for few hours. This is a great addition because it increases the usability of laptops. Because time is money and if you cannot use PC at any time due to electricity shortage than it’s a time wasted. Such wastage of time in today’s fast paced life can be very crucial professionally, academically and personally. Laptops can be life saver in such times.

Laptops offer wireless connectivity to internet. That is also a very important feature. The significance of this factor can be found in our daily life, like for example an applicant can sell his CV to a multinational from a shopping mall while he was shopping. Laptops allows multitasking in our life, you are connected to the whole world while you on the move.

Laptops also offer personalization to the user they can personalize the laptops according to the way they want. Different casing are available that for the laptops to change color and design of the laptop. Laptops are the technology for the future as they offer the greatest usability with the changing environment both business world and academically.

 in Technology review laptops are the best with any other things.Laptops have been around for quite some time now there are new products available but the use of such alternatives is limited and they still have time to cover the overall functionality that laptops currently provide. Different brands offer laptops with different specifications and functionality. Some are more focused on the connectivity aspect and some are focused more on graphics and design aspect.  Users can purchase according to their needs a relevant laptop.

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Dad Photo Frames ? Gifts for a Friend, Philosopher & Guide

The creator of this great universe has sent the parents to this beautiful world to take good care of the children. Though fathers play a great role in our life, it is the mothers who always get our attention. Most probably it is due to the fact that only the mothers are capable of carrying the babies in their wombs for nine months and bear the excruciating pain during delivery. If the mothers are the first buddies for us, then the fathers are the great philosophers and guides in our life. They too crave for our attention and affection though hardly express it. This time, make it a point to take care of his suppressed but earnest craving for love and humbly express your soft corner for him through the dad photo frames.

It is a tradition to purchase gifts for someone only on the eve of an occasion. But you can certainly ignore this custom and conjure up interesting excuses to go out for shopping. On the special events, however, you feel extra rush of energy to go on a shopping spree. You may like to throw a nice party in honor of your dad and embellish the venue with gorgeous decors. You can certainly buy any fabulous gift from the sprawling gallery of myriad items. However, if it comes to raking up the old memories, anything can hardly match the appeal of the beautifully crafted dad photo frames.

Such picture frames are designed especially for the daddies. They come with the personal messages to convey the heart-felt gratitude, reverence and love of the children to their fathers. These frames come in a wide variety of designs and shapes to catch the fancy of the consumer’s brigade. The ornate dad photo frames are expensive due to their elegance, exclusivity and eternal appeal. However, if your budget does not permit you to splurge on the posh items, you can certainly take the inexpensive picks. Price does not always go hand in hand with quality. If you are lucky enough, you can get the stunning dad photo frames at the reasonable prices.

The unique photo frames are dazzling in look. The amateur and professional product designers are dabbling in the picture frames designing. As a result, the designer frames are available in abundance in the market and greater is the chance for you to get spoiled for choice. The sophisticated frames are simple yet stunning in look. ‘Only for dad’ is engraved on some of them to add to the appeal of the dad photo frames. The frames having off-white body complemented by deep color on the borders are the pop picks in the market. Attach a photo of you two of any special event to titillate his memory of the bygone days. You can also present him a series of such picture frames. Personalize them in an inimitable style by getting some touchy messages attached with the frames and let your dad know that a place at the unfathomable depth of your heart is always reserved for him.

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Philosopher (subtitulado)

Video Rating: 4 / 5 Announces the 7 Best Halloween Hacks and Weird Gifts

Los Angeles, California (PRWEB) October 20, 2014

Halloween – the time of year when all earth-bound mortals are divided into two groups: old, rotting pumpkins vs. sparkling Cinderellas. Either way,, online retailer of the wackiest gifts on earth, has 7 funny gift ideas guaranteed to make people squirm, squeal, laugh, and cry.

The team at has had hordes of fun testing the most outrageous novelty gifts in preparation for the spookiest holiday of the year. They are proud to present the cream of the crop, the sprinkles on top of the ice cream, the full size candy bar hidden in the trick or treat bag – the 7 most stupid hacks to win Halloween.

Canned Unicorn Meat: Bring this weird gift to the next Halloween party and be the host’s favorite guest. They say unicorn meat tastes like orange chicken. Open the bottom of the can to find out. Warning: there may or may not be a dismembered stuffed unicorn inside.

Bones Tank Dress Costume: This Halloween, make everyone green with envy by looking flawless (and skinless) in this dress. This dress will transform even the angriest storm troopers into the most eye catching, beautiful skeletons.

Unicorn Mask: Throw away the cat ears. At last, anyone can be a unicorn with this funny gift. Once the mask is on, get ready to feel magical, unique, sparkly, and all those other nice things mother always talks about.

Zombie Glow Maggots: Scare friends, family, and enemies on Halloween with these 18 glow-in-the dark maggots. Plus, they can easily be used again as stocking stuffers for those pesky siblings that never know when to stop.

Zombie Garden Gnome: Mom’s worst nightmare is the zombie garden gnome. It looks like any other garden gnome from far away, but get close and realize that something has gone terribly awry.

Emergency Spooky Outfits: This is the perfect item for the indecisive and lazy – the one stop Halloween shop. Be a vampire, a witch, a werewolf, a zombie, and a skeleton. All 5 costumes come in one box, perfect for bringing them to school, work, or that random kid’s Halloween party.

The Pug Mask: Dog lovers everywhere rejoice. Put on this pug mask and get ready to get treated like a dog. Treats, random people coming to say hi, and daily walks await all dog-people once this mask is put on.

All these gifts and more can be purchased at And make sure to keep an eye out; the crew is working hard on their next list. What’s it about? Ugly Christmas sweaters, oh yeah. has been spreading laugh – one gift at a time – since its burst onto the online retail scene in 1998. From gag gifts and stocking stuffers to redneck gifts and novelty items, the online retailer offers over 4,000 wonderful products and 150 gift categories that will surely brighten up any event.

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Science of Gut Bacteria Set to Shake Up How We Lose Weight: New Weight Loss Book, “Fat-Me-Not” Will Tell It All

Rock Hill, SC (PRWEB) October 08, 2014

How Americans view weight loss may be seriously evolving over the coming months, according to Dr. Myo Nwe of the Ace Medical Weight Loss Center in South Carolina. She points to new research which suggests diet is the more critical factor over exercise, potentially changing the landscape of weight control. She will reveal the groundbreaking research in her new book ‘Fat-Me-Not’ to be released soon.

“We have been told that weight loss depends only on how many calories we eat and how many we spend,” Dr. Nwe explains. “Nothing could be further from the truth.”

The foods we chose will dictate the types of bacteria produced in the gut, which Nwe says can alter our very behavior.

“It sounds terrifying,” she admits with a laugh, “but it is the new emerging truth… these bacteria have the ability to control our brain, and this may hold the key to weight loss.”

Dr. Nwe points to several diverse scientific studies exploring the impact of bacteria on behavior as part of her own weight loss plan, The SlimPlate System. Her program emphasizes portion control while utilizing a four-stage nutritional plan along with custom-designed plates, bowls and sauces.

Each plate, for instance, clearly denotes a proper serving size for various food types, all in conjunction with the nutritional plan. Portion control, Dr. Nwe is convinced, is at the heart of a proper diet and more effective weight management.

“Our brains and our guts are wired toward larger servings,” Nwe explains. “We see it on TV, we see it in the freezer section. We have to un-learn this pattern of over indulgence lest it becomes our lifestyle and our legacy.”

“The new science is very exciting,” she said, “and for a lot of people it will shake their understanding of diets, calories, and eating habits. Our SlimPlate System embraces this, and is built around rethinking the psychology of food.”

The Slimplate Weight Loss System is available at

For more information about the book launch of Fat-Me-Not visit the weight loss book website

You won't believe how these 6 Greek philosophers died, it's pretty bizarre but

You won't believe how these 6 Greek philosophers died, it's pretty bizarre but
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Rich Guy Philosophers Hit Silicon Valley
For some time now, there's been a tendency on Wall Street for rich guys to become philosophers – think George Soros and his reflexivity thesis, or Ray Dalio and his little red book of self-criticism. Now, that trend seems to be coming to Silicon Valley …
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Vintage Antique Victorian Italian Silver Lava Cameo Bracelet 7 Philosophers

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New Book Answers 2000-Year-Old Theological Enigma

Rancho Santa Margarita, CA (PRWEB) August 25, 2014

The time-old conundrum about the nature of sacred existence has warranted countless efforts and analysis from various authors throughout history. Famous philosophers known to have produced a wealth of literature on the subject include Russell and Descartes; even influential antagonistic views from Nietzsche. Today, the search for truth perpetuates with modern writers building contemporary outlooks based on experience and acquired views. In his light, author William Hearne discloses his own unique perspective about God’s true nature, answering a 2000-year-old theological enigma about the Holy Trinity.

In “Infinity, Divinity, and the Holy Trinity” (published by Xlibris), Hearne asserts personal insights established by his knowledge of the scripture, common sense, and science. “It covers a broad variety of topics that are not normally discussed together in an attempt to draw consistent conclusions about what we know about the nature of God and ourselves,” Hearne says. The first chapter, Infinity, describes how man knows God exists. The second, Divinity, describes certain aspects of God and man’s relationship with him. The third chapter, The Holy Trinity, describes God as the Holy Trinity, mainly based on the unique observations of the author.

Aware of the possible controversial repercussions of his revolutionary ideas, Hearne claims that he is willing to follow-up on such challenges. His only hope is for readers to read the book in its entirety to understand that each assertion is consistent with all others made throughout. “If you don’t believe in God, you want to be sure you are right and defend what you believe, or consider these truths and change your beliefs,” he added.

“Infinity, Divinity, and the Holy Trinity”

By William Hearne

Hardcover | 6x9in | 114 pages | ISBN 9781499019117

Softcover | 6x9in | 114 pages | ISBN 9781499019124

E-Book | 114 pages | ISBN 9781499019100

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the Author:

William Hearne is a pseudonym the author uses to honor an uncle and mentor. He has taught Economics, Management, Marketing, and English at several colleges and universities in New Jersey and South America. He has also worked as a business consultant and an army intelligence officer. The author has lived and traveled widely throughout North and South America and Europe, is conversant in Spanish, and has studied six other foreign languages. He holds multiple academic degrees from four universities across the country, with bachelor’s degrees in Economics, Marketing, International Affairs, History, Philosophy, and English.

Xlibris Publishing, an Author Solutions, LLC imprint, is a self-publishing services provider created in 1997 by authors, for authors. By focusing on the needs of creative writers and artists and adopting the latest print-on-demand publishing technology and strategies, we provide expert publishing services with direct and personal access to quality publication in hardcover, trade paperback, custom leather-bound and full-color formats. To date, Xlibris has helped to publish more than 60,000 titles. For more information, visit or call 1-888-795-4274 to receive a free publishing guide. Follow us @XlibrisPub on Twitter for the latest news.

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Bundesliga 2014-15 preview: Dortmund can defy the odds and challenge Bayern
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Listening to Dennis Prager this morning. He is so deeply intellectual, so thoughtful, and so absolutely invested in the art of thinking, I just wonder why I waste my time elsewhere. Wonderful.

Words fail.

I loved him like he was my own blood. His family, that amazing family, let me love them like they were mine. I´ve got no blood that I know of, save that which came from me, (and that to whom God gave me), and one thing I know is that we make the family we have from those who love us. That´s all that matters. My dad´s dad is gone, leaving one sweet, wonderful memory, and my other grandfather… that´s not for now. But God blessed me with an uncounted number of grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins and friends who have known me from the time I was four years old. They knew me through all of the awful times and bad hair, bad fashion, bad choices, bad boyfriends — they knew me and loved me in a way I don´t deserve. The way family loves you.

Grandpa John was the first person I remember meeting in what would become my large, glorious, extended family at Valley Baptist Church. I had to be but four, and it was hot and bright and everyone was so large. He was as tall as the sky, it seemed, lanky and sunburned in that way that people who work hard outside seem to be. He shook my hand, like I was a grown-up. Like I was just as important as my father, who had come to assist with the shepherding of this small congregation.

And then he was in my life. Always. He´d take my dad fishing, take us all fishing. He and Sunshine would bring catfish to potlucks. Delicious, wonderful, amazing catfish. His son in law became my youth pastor and friend. His granddaughter had the most beautiful smile — like her mother´s, like his — that didn´t just light up the room, it bathed it in light. It dazzled.

And they were all family. After I grew up and moved away, I lost contact, being a normal, selfish young adult. I brought my kids back once or twice, came for funerals and weddings and memorial services. More mourning than celebrating, unfortunately. This last time, mourning an amazing man I´d also known my entire life, my daughter spent a long, lazy afternoon with Grandpa John and Sunshine, listening to catfish stories and just sitting at the feet of these people who were so dear to me.

She cried a bit today when I told her he was gone, and she understands what it means. As we live our lives, we collect memories of those who have gone on before us. I know I´m not the only one whose life has been completely altered by the love of Grandpa John and his brood. I know there are scores of people who were waiting for him, his own family and the family God brought into his life. I´d like to think he´ll take a minute to sit with my oldest, give her a hug. And I can´t get the image of Charis — smiling, waiting — out of my head. He used to have ties with the pictures of his kids, grandkids, and great grandkids printed on them, so proud of his beautiful family. I don´t aim to hijack the sorrow of others, I just loved him. I love them all. Their love is part of who I am, and it always will be.

Words fail. Part of me can´t wait to see all of you again.


Government ain’t good for nothing but to get in a man’s way.

It’s been awhile since I’ve felt like writing, as I cannot seem to read the headlines without feeling an elevation in my blood pressure. It didn’t used to be like this, you know. I used to be somewhat detached though passionate – though perhaps that was on account of my boundless optimism. (Ha ha.) I’m weary of the world at 36, and each year my capacity for hope diminishes. I look at what this administration has wrought and I settle into a resignation that is as deep as it is paralyzing.

History shows us that things do not remain static. Civilizations deteriorate, empires crumble. The center cannot hold, as a wise man once said. Things fall apart. Societies disintegrate and social order erodes. It is inevitable, and it is the way of this fallen world. It’s okay. I’m currently incubating new life – which I am very excited about, actually – and life goes on. The America my son (we’ll know for sure at the end of the month, but we’ve got some confirmation that it’s “probably” a boy) grows up in with his older sister will be very different from the one my sister and I experienced. And it makes me sad. I know I don’t want to raise them in California, I know that much, but the California model will spread across the country, a creeping cancer, insidious and poisonous.

Having lived in California for almost ten years has made me much more of a libertarian than I used to be. Or maybe I’m more of a Browncoat than I used to be. Leave me and mine alone.

Having said all of that, I am trying to be more hopeful. Mark Levin’s Liberty Amendments and Ted Cruz’s recent efforts have given me hope. I want to do more than just keep flyin’, and I’m praying for a sea change in the attitudes of the American public. All we can hope to do is defy the overbearing, brutish and obviously thuggish tactics of an out of control administration and fight like hell for the values and liberty this country was founded on. In whatever capacity presents itself.

Whatever that means.


So about 17% of the government is shut down. Most of the programs and departments included in this shutdown have apparently been handpicked to cause maximum discomfort to the American people. How about we start doing for ourselves? States start managing their respective parks, coordinating their respective Amber Alert systems, making sure essential services are maintained.

We’re not helpless without the government leviathan. We’re better off without it. This is by no means a massive shutdown — I’m still getting my mail, for Pete’s sake. Obama’s mask is slipping, and we need to tell the political class that they can suck it. We’re better off on our own, with a trimmed down central government.

Defy “authority.” This is your country. Take care of it.

Hi there.

I was ready to dismiss this at first blush, my thought being that Obama wasn’t necessarily responsible for the actions of his brother, Malik. But the article contains some pretty uncomfortable evidence, which could explain the president’s odd stance toward the Muslim Brotherhood.

I don’t necessarily the energy or time time dissect this, but the article — as well as Walid Shoebat’s original post — speaks for itself.

Painting with broad brushes.

On Memorial Day weekend, our president gave a flowery, superficially presidential speech about sacrifice and expressed his concern that our soldiers weren’t fully appreciated by the public at large, and yet, in the days previous, he and his defense secretary made sure to remind everyone that our servicemen and women are really nothing more than a government-funded group of sex offenders. Perhaps I’m just paying more attention to it than I was before, but I’ve been hearing a lot about the sexual integrity of the military in the last four or five months.

Oh, and there’s this.

I’m not maintaining that our current military doesn’t have its problems. Hardly. Sex scandals are always tres magnifique, and military sex scandals seem to capture our imagination a bit more, with the power and corruption running deeper and for higher stakes in a somewhat mysterious branch of the governmental bureaucracy. Should it be cleaned up? Yeah. Should we encourage our servicemen and women to practice restraint and decorum, holding them to a higher standard than the undisciplined idiots who are out here, not even living their lives but just bumping into things in the civilian world? Absolutely.

But is a commencement speech at the Naval Academy on Memorial Day weekend the appropriate place to lecture on the subject? It seems… insulting. And inappropriate. And in line with this administration’s ongoing attempt to diminish the reputation of the military in the mind of the civilian. Why respect an organization that apparently sanctions rape and harassment and general nastiness? It should be no secret that this president does not hold our fighting men and women in high regard, even while he is their commander in chief. Chipping away at the respect we civilians have for our soldiers is essential for his ongoing assault against the military. Civilians won’t protest the shrinking of a military they despise and distrust, will they?

Our president is a part of an academic community that sees our military superiority — and by extension, the military itself — as something shameful, something that must be completely done away with. Each and every reminder of its failures, faults and scandals will be used to accomplish this.

We must in turn remember that though there are assholes aplenty in the military, there are thousands of men and women of integrity who do this country proud. There are men and women who live up to and surpass the standards set for them by their predecessors and make this country’s military one of the most decent, restrained, disciplined and humane in history. Of the soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen that I know personally, I can name more than a handful of exemplary human beings. People who impress me with their strength of character and faith. Painting these people with the broad brush of sexual predator would be neither fair nor accurate.

Help for Heroes.

It’s coming.
woolwichThis is Lee Rigby, the soldier run down and hacked to death in Woolwich by savage beasts masquerading as people. He had a wife and son, and a family that loved him. Remember his name, his face.

The West cannot be defeated by military might, so the enemy adapts. They know our weakness — our investment in denial stemming from our cultural relativism — and they are betting we will break under a prolonged assault of truly asymmetrical proportions. We will either change our response to terrorism or we will perish. It’s as simple as that. PM Cameron sounded strong and resolute yesterday in his response to the atrocity. Contrast that with our own president in the wake of Bengazi and the murder of his personal representative in Libya. From a foreign policy standpoint, everything out of Obama’s mouth is a sickening display of weakness and provincialism. It’s embarrassing. It’s depressing.

I think we’re on our own.

As an aside, I thought it particularly relevant that the only people to confront those animals in Woolwich were women. I’m proud of my sex. I’m wondering where the men were, however, and why they would let a soldier die in the street and let their women approach them. It’s troubling.